5th Annual Tail of the Dragon Rally

Saturday, May 13th, 2023. Join fellow F-Type owners for our 5th Annual Tail of the Dragon Rally. Meetup location is Tapoco Lodge.

Saturday May 13th marks the 5th Annual F-Type Forever Car Club’s: Tail of the Dragon weekend. While catered to Jaguar F-Type Owners, it is open to any other makes and models that may be interested in participating.

MEET at 11:00am at Tapoco Lodge the morning of May 13th to review the route. Tapoco Lodge is open for breakfast from 8am-10am for anyone staying on property or arriving sooner.

If you are traveling from outside of the area, we recommend staying at Tapoco Lodge. Their website is To book at Tapoco: navigate to Enter your dates and then enter the event code JA051223. That code will then show available rooms.

We have some amazing roads to drive and views to see along the way. Saturday’s trip is expected to be over 150 miles long, including trips up and down the Tail.

This is a multi-day event with Tail of the Dragon being on Saturday for the day-trippers or those on a limited schedule. For those who are in town and want to explore more roads, we will venture to some less-traveled twists and turns on Sunday throughout North Carolina. Full maps and itinerary will be forth coming.

A reminder to our participants that this is an entirely volunteer event. Your organizers are simply owners, like you, who enjoy getting together with fellow F-Type enthusiasts and exploring fun mountain roads. There is no charge to participate. Your meals and lodging are on your own dime. By participating, you assume any and all risks. Event offerings are entirely dependent on volunteer hours. If you have a suggestion or would like to volunteer, please contact us.

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